Visual Wednesday

A very happy visual Wednesday to all!

I am a true enthusiast of all things visual. Aand I am convinced most people are too, even if it is repressed. My blog musings, interests, obsessions and education background in Art History point to this revelation that is no secret to anyone who knows me.

As of this moment I have two, count ’em 2, brief “Visual Vednesday” points to share. One is local and another is a free-for-all regardless of location.Image

First, tomorrow is the regularly scheduled First Thursday art event in Portland, Oregon … and I plan to go with a friend!

The weather forecast is very favorable so it should be busy. (These events are a way to promote the art scene in the west side of PDX so many art galleries stay open late, offer drinks, and happy hour. Yes, it’s awesome.) It will be an eye-tastic time and we will likely catch some drinks and food. The plan is to hit up as many of the reputable galleries as possible. Review to come, so stay tuned.

Secondly, I recently found an elaboration on the true beauty of Google Images.

To some this may be perfectly commonplace, but the power of Google’s algorithms with images alone is new to me. A post in Apartment Therapy offers a concise explanation here, It’s an excellent way to find visually similar images to an image you like a lot and/or find the original source of an image. Basically, take a digital clip from Pinterest for example and drag it to search into Google Images’ search box and wallah! you will have results with the original site and examples of similar images. It’s the little things that delight me.

What visual and art events have you gone to lately? How fantastic or ordinary is Google Images to you?


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