Wellness Monday : The Un-pursuit of Perfection


Nature’s best: View of a lake near Portland.

Welcome to wellness Monday! As this is the initial post aimed at the wellness side of this little  virtual slice of space, I find it important to make clear my take on “wellness”. This is the disambiguation of wellness in the sense of this blog and wellness elsewhere. To be directed to wellness outside of this blog, Google it.

To me, wellness is the earnest, learning-filled journey to live as well as one is able, with the best intention for self and others at the foreground. An intentionally lived life that is balanced in mind, body, and spirit is the goal of wellness in my opinion and guess what else? Perfection is not required!

I confess I sometimes equate wellness to a perfect life. While wellness may mean a lot of things to a lot of people, I strongly believe it is not achieved by the trivial pursuit of perfection. It’s simply not realistic. Look at nature. Think about your own life. You do not have to be 100% healthy, always happy, and the perfect person to practice wellness.

Here’s a glimpse at what the “un-pursuit of perfection” has looked like in my daily life. Have I arrived? Heck no. Baby steps. Here we go.

I was stuck in a rut exercising seldomly each week and decided to challenge myself. The challenge? To move every day on purpose for at least a quarter hour for a ninety day challenge. Yep, 15 minutes every day for 90 days. My impulse was to shoot for all ninety days. Also known as perfection. Reason and the lived experience that the expectation of perfection has often yielded disappointment lead me to aim for an eighty percent perfection rate. As of today it’s day seventy something and I am happy to report that I haven’t been perfect. My goal has been do-able, and I’ve done a little better than my less-than-perfect goal.

Are you pursuing the un-pursuit of perfection in your life? What’s your experience?


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