Wellness Monday (oops it’s Monday again): Time management

Hey there! Apologies for missing the wellness Monday post last week. I’ve been on vacation and tried to implement a scheduled release but the “release” never happened. Probably my error. Anyway, fittingly to this late posting, here is the nugget I have to share regarding time management.


I was reading a book recently titled, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by the late Stephen R. Covey and while the entire book is worth a read, this particular section in the form of a matrix table illustrates the reason for this post on time management. In summary, Covey writes that effective people actively work to maximize their time with important matters that are not urgent, and do urgent work as needed. The following table is a version of the table from this book, and Covey’s “effective people” spend a lot of time in the important and not urgent category.

Stephen R. Covey's Time Management Matrix

Source: Stephen R. Covey’s Time Management Matrix

In other words they often live in category 2 of this matrix. How do they accomplish this?

It seems to me, people who choose a proactive approach to life are able to live more life spent in category two. This is self management at its best. A reactive approach to life may result in time spent living life outside of category two, in crisis or something not worthwhile.

Benefits to living in zone two of Covey’s table (according to Covey):

  • vision and perspective
  • balance
  • discipline
  • control
  • few crises

A proactive life approach is my goal because, honestly, I believe it fosters an incredible sense of wellbeing. I have felt the most empowered when putting forth the effort to self manage in this manner.

Further, some of the people I regard most highly in my life seem to spend an incredible amount of time in category two. Covey writes something to the effect that this habit is not management of time, but rather self management.

Lastly, I wish for this post to encourage you. Maybe this nugget will challenge you to shift your view on time management or perhaps simply reinforce whatever you are doing already.


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