Wellness Monday: The Basics


Thanks to the Beatles for this catchy and feel good tune, “All You Need is Love”  and for the sentimental reminder that is marked in graffiti on a nearby neighborhood wall in my city. While I am a firm believer in the necessity for love, is this truly all we need as humans? Simply put, no.

Last week, I posted regarding time management and the sort of activities that are worth spending time on. However, time management is an attainable goal when you have some of your most basic needs fulfilled. Unmet basic needs can limit individual wellbeing, and make self management or time management a challenge. To discuss basic human needs, I refer to American psychologist, Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.


Source: Wikimedia

The two base tiers to Maslow’s hierarchy pyramid labeled physiological and safety are often considered basic needs. These are necessary to our well being as humans. How, for example, could one plan and optimize their time best if they lack an adequate food, space to use the restroom, or basic shelter?

If you find yourself, or someone you know without some of these basic needs, you (or someone you know) are likely working day and night to satisfy them. In other words, time management and warm fuzzy-love feelings may not be top priority. That is completely okay, and human.

Luckily, some of the other needs from anywhere on Maslow’s hierarchy such as past achievements, relationships with friends/family and so on can help during this time of transition.

Overall, this hierarchy of needs is a useful factor to keep in mind and remember to sustainably work on efforts toward advancing wellness in yourself or others. At times we humans are in a good place to excel and thrive to reach our goals, and yet in other instances we may need to focus on the basics.


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