Visual Wednesday Part: Top 3 & Review of June’s First Thursday


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Another first Thursday event has come and gone once again. This last “First Thursday” event for the month of June was filled, as usual, with art by some talented, meticulous, and thoughtful people.

I made the effort to visit a number of galleries just off the park blocks in Northwest Portland.  While art abounds in the gallery dense block on NW Park and 8th Avenue, I had a few personal highlights that I will discuss in further detail.

Highlight 1

Edvard Munch prints and drawings at the Froelick Gallery. While Munch’s, The Scream, is surely the most renown, Munch made a prolific amount of prints and drawings as well. See some here and view the rest of the art at this excellent gallery.

Highlight 2

The entire exhibition, “Object Focus: The Bowl”, at the Museum of Contemporary Craft. Between a multi-sensory installation and an engaging project named Engage & Use, I was beside myself. Overall, the experience was interactive and engaging, albeit crowded with fellow viewers.

Above, click the image to watch a short video of the installation Transference  by Andy Paiko and Ethan Rose. Concerning Engage and Use, I will post very soon to share my interaction and participation with the bowl project Engage & Use  for another Visual Wednesday post in July. The exhibit runs through September 21, 2013.

Highlight 3

The paper installation, Intersect, at IDL Worldwide is quite a sight. It is a cut paper and suspended installation by Marisa Green. The three-dimensional pyramid shapes remind me of Sol Lewitt‘s conceptual and minimal open cube structures.

Altogether June’s First Thursday event was a complete joy to attend. I eagerly offer my positive review of this experience and recommend a visit to the next First Thursday event in July if you are near Portland, Oregon! It is sure to be a treat.


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