Wellness Monday: Resilience Stories (2 of 3)

Welcome back to week two of the very first mini series covering resilience! Last week covered the definition and background of resilience. Happily, we all possess some form of resilience. Read on for practical ways to enhance your own resilience, true stories of resilience, and a video that promises to extend your life.

True Story, #1. The project in the following video outlines the story of a lady, her son, and their collective resilience. The family demonstrates all the practical resilience building choices mentioned in, “Resilience Defined (1 of 3)” last week. Their behavior from the interviews include maintaining connections, taking decisive action, and maintaining a positive outlook as evidence of resiliency. Fair warning, this video may be inspiring to the point of tears. Resilience in action is beautiful.

True Story, #2. A close family member recently overcame a number of incredible physical challenges. They survived a serious car accident, experienced a traumatic brain injury, and exhibited an incredible resilience and determination in order to recover. For the past two years since the accident, this family member diligently learned to walk, speak, and think as effectively as possible again. Sure, they are still experiencing some cognitive deficits. However, they are more positive and hopeful than ever, strengthening their resilience each day, and inspiring many people with their story of resilience.

True Story, #3. Think through the story line of your own life. A hard time, a tragic loss, or very adverse experience. Are you alive and functioning beyond that experience today? As difficult as it may have been, your ability to move beyond that circumstance was likely a time when you drew upon your own resilience as a strategy to overcome. I invite you to take a moment to express self gratitude for your choice.

True Story #4, plus earn more life! TED speaker and game designer Jane McGonigal has created a game that helped her manage a difficult time in her life when she felt very down and suicidal. Despite feelings of helplessness and other challenges, Jane used Super Better, the game of her own creation, to recover and lead a more fulfilled life. She promises to extend your life by 7.682534 minutes after reading the video too. See for yourself, and learn how to lengthen your life!

Here is a synopsis of  Jane McGonigal’s 4 practical, research proven tips that boost your resilience.

  • For physical resilience, don’t sit still. Movement improves your heart, brain, and lung health.
  • For mental resilience, exercise discipline and willpower by tackling a tiny challenge of the mind.
  • For emotional resilience, you have the ability to provoke positive emotions (curiosity or love) by working on finding 3 positive emotions for every 1 negative. Keeping this ratio, will improve your ability to tackle any problem you face.
  • For social resilience, you draw more strength from friends, family, and community. something as simple as shaking hands for 6 seconds raises oxytocin levels in your body and will foster a sense of trust and like-ability with others.

Boosting all four consistently should help you live up to ten years longer, according to McGonigal’s research sources.

Stay tuned next week when I discuss resilience beyond the micro level of the individual, and share ways that communities and other people groups are resilient.


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