Who needs your story?

Take a look at Kindra’s message, I loved it, so you might too!

Key takeaways from her message here are 3 invaluable  points.

1.Tell SOME of your story

If your personal story is worth sharing at work, you can be 100% selective about how much or how little detail you include. Baring your soul and innermost self can be saved for that dear old diary, your sixteen year old self and your BFF. You can get your point across and still keep your deepest darkest secrets and insecurities to yourself.

2. Stories that last, will do just that.

We’ve discussed the sticky-ness or memorable quality of stories before and Kindra’s reminder to us that the stories we divulge can last and last. Once shared, our stories endure for the long haul, so it’s wise to be sure that you’re comfortable with what you’re about to share no matter how long it lasts or where it may spread.

3. Your story is needed.

Your story is a gift. Yes, a gift. Some people truly need to hear what you have to share about overcoming life’s challenges and difficulties. Choosing to share your story may be just a step to greatness that will help those you share it with achieve or realize part of their story.

BONUS! A major point, one not to be overlooked, is the very first point she makes. There’s rarely a strict yes or no as to if and when you share your story. Be fearless, taking a little time to reflect on whether you share your story by asking yourself a few questions first. You have the power to decide when and where to share your gift.


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