Meet E

Hello, welcome and thanks for stopping by “elyasimukka”, the blog. If you are forever curious, stay a while and meander at your own pace. If you are remotely interested in art, marketing, or psychology, keep an eye on this site because that’s broadly what I’ll be writing about.

Purpose Statement:

Primarily, this site serves as a tiny corner of the internet to share the results of my insatiable curiosity. I’ll write on subjects related to wellness, art, and story spreading. Expect posts on marketing, wellness, psychology, human development, business, education, history, art, and the occasional life lesson. As often as possible, I intend to make connections to show how these seemingly dissimilar subjects interconnect.

My secondary goal is to write plainly enough, so that, these posts are accessible for readers regardless of industry or topical vocabulary. So, if ever you find yourself lost while reading a post, please start a conversation with me. I want to include you!

About Me:

I am Elya, E, an admittedly “younger-looking-than-I-actually-am” lady living life one day at a time. Fortunately, I get to call Portland, Oregon home. My main source of gratitude and inspiration come from the outstanding social support system that includes my loving husband, family, friends and pet Beta fish named Sashimi.

Back in college, I was so ridiculously curious, I wound up with a Bachelor’s in Art History, Psychology and Art Practices. Woah. Personality wise, I’m a lot like the next guy. Often a bit too serious, permanently fun-loving, balancing life as an ambivert by being an outdoor fanatic . Topping it off, I’m constantly sharpening my marketing ethos, curating a keen design aesthetic, and a living out an enthusiasm for wellness in body and mind.

Guiding words for life: Abraham Lincoln’s statement, “Whatever you are, be a good one”, I aim to live life intentionally with purpose and encourage the same in others.

I post a few times monthly, give or take a few. Happy reading!


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